new Humanitarian Library

The new Humanitarian Library contains all the content on the Shelter Library, with over 1,000 additional shelter and settlement documents. Over 1,000 more documents shared by agencies will be uploaded when capacity allows.

Users may share further content in any language in real-time by uploading itCollections may be made within the Library by creating ‘channels’, for example see this channel on debris management developed with stakeholders in South Asia.

Shelter Centre News

Shelter Meeting 15 will be held in a new format on Friday 9th October 2015 at Le Club Suisse del la Presse, sponsored by CARE, HFHI and NRC, with the support of IOM.

The theme will be ‘How do we learn?’, which will be discussed through the day in four parallel fora, each with independent agendas. Proposals for agency project presentations and announcements are welcomed. Register here!