Distaster Risk Reduction and WASH comprehensive guidance

This document provides a comprehensive overview of integration of DRR in WASH, and is a companion to the summary document "Disaster Risk Reduction and WASH - Essential Guidance".

The guideline will focus on the links between WASH and DRR in emergency response and early recovery; planning for disasters in the development phase through mitigation and preparedness is essential to reducing the risk top WASH systems. The resource will also explore DRR measures that can be taken in the development phase.

In this guideline the following WASH components are covered:

  • Water supply
  • Excreta disposal
  • Hygiene practice
  • Vector control
  • Solid waste management
  • Drainage of wastewater and stormwater

The principles and tool presented in this document are applicable both to rural and urban contexts as well as both small and larger systems (e.g.handpumps in a village versus an urban water supply system).

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