Shelter Projects 2008

Despite the hundreds of shelter projects completed around the world every year after conflicts and natural disasters, there are few compilations of case studies and best practices. As a result, an opportunity to consolidate learning from what has gone before has been lost.

This book shares with the humanitarian community over 30 case studies of completed emergency and transitional shelter projects. The project summaries included aim to illustrate some of the shelter project options available to organisations working in both post-disaster and post-conflict situations. The focus of this book is on projects which maximize the use of emergency response funds by paving the way for sustainable recovery.

Ashmore, Joseph
Fowler, John
Kennedy, James
León, Esteban
Contributor / Editor: 
Ashmore, Joseph
The copyright for this booklet is retained by UN-HABITAT.
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Les maisons en voûte nubienne

Maisons en voute nubiene est une technique ancestrale, une alternative aux logements adaptee au Sahel.Elles sont construites en terre, piere et de l'eau , sans bois ni toles.
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